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The Album is Nearly Done!

2008-07-28 01:21:45 by TheMerelyHuman

As you know, i have been working with a good friend of mine, Haviah Mighty, to create a hip-hop/R&B album. The songs were all produced by me and you'll recognize them as you listen. The album, Quality Skill, is completely original and we put a lot of work into it. We hope not to disappoint. It will be posted soon so stay tuned.

More brand new songs!

2008-06-05 22:54:46 by TheMerelyHuman

I have uploaded songs: 2 of which will be on a vocal album I am doing with my friend Haviah Mighty, and one I made literally 5 hours ago and couldn't wait to post. Honestly, you gotta listen to all these tracks. The 2 tracks with Haviah both use instrumentals I put here: Hurry Up and Understatement. Here they are:

Medal of Honor: /149007
Beside Me [Hurry Up]: /148036
Right Now [Understatement]: /148030

A few new songs...

2008-05-18 18:15:26 by TheMerelyHuman

Yep, I just posted a few new songs I want you guys to check out. I posted my first recorded song as well as another hip-hop song (my first in a while). One is a cover of the Beyonce song, Should Have. I tweaked the harmony a bit, check it out. The other is tainted, a song with a driving guitar and massive snare. Check'em out!


Here's the links: Tainted - /144830
Should Have (Beyonce Cover) - /144825

I thank you guyssooo much for your support of my beloved song. Sadly it is no longer on the all-time scoring list. However I have composed a new song called Home (Keys of a Piano). This song has much more potential than Finding A Way and I'd like you to give me some feedback on it. I'd love it if this one entered Top 5 or even Top 2!

I have also posted the full version of my song, Folk Library! It's been a struggle but it's done! Go check it out and make it number 1!

Home (Keys of a Piano) - /144022
Folk Library - /144427

WHY??? Because I have done a beat that I've been wanting to do for way too long. As I type it is saving and will be uploaded shortly. Everyone knows one of the first songs you hear on KH2...Dearly Beloved, the melodic "love" song that sings to you as you game or continue. lol...Anyway, just heads up that I want all of you to comment on it when it's up. NO EXCUSES!

For years now I have been waiting to complete my album, but now is the time. I'm beginning to select tracks for "Vague Notion", if you have any suggestions on tracks I should include, please feel free to put input. So far I've chosen these tracks:

Complete (In A Minor)
Dare To Be
Hurry Up
Battle Theme (Once Again)
Give It Up
How Could You
Near Your Energy