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For a few days I will be posting a few new songs, some that made the cut and some that didn't. It'll be a blast. Stay tuned! I've already posted my remix of Blake Reary's Dreams and my dance song, Tame the Soul!

Alright. I want to make Vague Notion more than just 15 tracks. Therefore, I'm putting the release on hold to do more songs and get some promotion done as well as get funds to Tunecore it all.

Hit me up on Twitter!

Okay, I had mentioned before that I was tentatively working on my EP. Now, I'm going full force, meaning that songs I will be including on the EP have been removed and will not return to Newgrounds. Sad, isn't it. I also request that anyone who has used my instrumentals to create their own songs take off those songs from Newgrounds. Though I appreciate your artistry and appreciation for my music, I have to do this. In about a month or two, the EP, tentatively entitled Vague Notion, will be up for sale on iTunes, ShockHound and yada yada yada.I apologize that this was so sudden but if I gave notice, heavy downloading that I wouldn't want would occur on my songs. I still want paying customers - ahem - I mean fans (joking!). Now, I will post the list of songs you missed followed by the list of songs I have either not placed on Newgrouunds or have not finished; all of which will be included on the EP. I've tried to tone down the electronic side of me but that is failing so in this EP you'll here a lot of support from synthesizers. From the following list, about 4 are upbeat. This album's very relaxed; something you'd listen to before you go to bed, so I avoided the upbeat songs. However, if you ask for it, I'll give it to you.

* - Tentatively named

Now, the list of songs you miss:

See Us Through*
Crying Out For Me
How Could You (Remastered)*
Hurry Up (Give It Up)
Complete (Lonely Remastery)
No Longer Here
Traffic Lights

NOW...the list of new tracks that are newcomers to my library:

Boss Theme* [Newly arranged]
La La*
Keys of a Piano
Let It Go*

There are more tracks to be added to this list. Again, I appreciate the love you guys have given me and every track will have some new synths and percussion added to make it sound newer as well as analytical EQing. If there's anything you would like to hear from me like a new sound or side of me, please give some suggestions, this is as much your album as it is yours. Also, no sampling will be heard on this EP to avoid legal issues.

In a few weeks I will post a sneak peek of the album, so watch out for that.

Thanks for all your support,

O'Neil Donald aka Smurfbeatz

On the 15th of this month (last year). I posted my first audio submission. To commemorate that occasion, I have uploaded to remastered versions of Complete, my favourite song. /200433 /200235

Anyway, I am still feeling a bit underrated and forgotten by many. That's alright though. All I can do is keep making music.

BTW, all you fans that have been voting and reviewing me for the past year, it's thanks to you guys I'm still on Newgrounds. You guys are awesome and I hope you'll still vote and review for me. Oh, and favourite me too!



2008-12-24 15:41:34 by TheMerelyHuman

Ok, this post is slightly indifferent. I'll give the good news first. It has like nothing to do with Newgrounds but that's alright. My school is doing the production: You're A Good Man Charlie Brown. Although I was to late to get on the Musical's band, I auditioned for the play like I did last year (Alice in Wonderland - wonderful production) and I ended up getting the lead...Charlie Brown! It just so happens that I'm black. Everyone's said I deserve the role (which I'm flattered with - but I don't know how to take compliments) but I'm like..."Charlie Brown's black!"

Bad new...duh duh duh DUUUHHHHH! Well is not so much bad news, I just need to know your opinion. How can I say this? I losing my umph? I thought my last three songs were amazing but they (with the exception of Traffic Lights) are getting scores lower than my average. PLEASE TELL ME!

Still Going Strong!

2008-12-07 09:06:14 by TheMerelyHuman

For those of you that have not heard from me for a while, I am still doing what I do best. The songs have not been coming as fast because I am not only working on my vocals, but I'm producing like 5 songs at a time. It's only every now and then that a track just inspires me to complete it on the spot (Traffic Lights). However, now that I can space out my time, much more quality is produced in my music (Lechery).

By the way...can someone tell me how Lechery got so many downloads??? I came and all of a sudden I see over 1000. If anyone knows, please tell me!

Anyway, I'll update again.

Your pal,


P.S. - I just launched a new blog. Go there if you REALLY want to get in touch with me.

I'm available for service! However, these services are not for free. I charge $50.00 per song. But, if you are willing to pay, I'll do it. I accept Interac and PayPal.


2008-09-30 17:53:37 by TheMerelyHuman

Finally, after months of procrastination on my part, Swirl-Helix and I are starting our collab. It looks to be a mid-tempo piece and I'm excited. I also want to use this post to announce my availability for more collaborations. JUST DROP ME A LINE!

Any Requests?

2008-08-15 20:12:36 by TheMerelyHuman

People seemed to like the Take A Bow remix I did so I'm asking for any requests for any other remixes!


2008-07-30 18:21:19 by TheMerelyHuman

One in every 10 people is affected by this disease. Even if you do not have it; exposure to Newgrounds can get you infected in an instant if you're not safe. One person infected with this site-wide disease has been *sighs* This is so emotional...I can barely speak about it...*sighs again*.

Because I have more talent than they do, they think that by voting lowly on my submissions so I can miss the weekly top 30 update. This really hurts me bad. Songs like: Tainted, folk Library, Face the Music, Hurry Up and many more have missed the top 30 because of this horrible disease. But right now, I'd like to say to that person stooping so low. Thank you. You have gotten the attention you wanted. Ain't jealousy a witch?