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This is SOLID music right here. I'm not even into metal!

I love the countermelodies. Everything against one another worked really well. I especially like around 1:33 where everything comes in. I think the bass synth should have a little less "groove" in the beginning (or at least waited until later) I'm going to make a wild guess and say that you have a hip-hop background. But most of all, it did a good job of capturing the "video game" atmosphere. Great job!

Love the way that the beat came in. Love your voice too. I felt like the bass synth got in the way a bit. I would have kept the piano in the higher and/or equed it to fit the synth. Also try slapping some reverb on your voice (especially the backgrounds) and play with panning!

But musically, the melody of your verses are WAY strong. PLEASE keep writing songs. The music is INSANELY good. It's just some quality that gets in the way a bit. But the music is STRONG. Keep doing it, PLEASE!

aaronmusslewhite responds:

Thank you I'm glad you like the track!! There's a ton of panning actualy. The only thing center is kick snare and vocals. And I can see the bass being loud to people I was definitely trying to make an edgier feel to be complemented by the prettier parts. The piano I think is just high passed. I like really natural piano sounds so I don't do tooo much eq... It's mainly there to be a pretty part against the rawr edm bass haha. Thank you for the tips and advice tho I'll keep it in mind. I Always try to improve! :D

I like the higher that you used in the beginning and LOVE the sound of the snare. Check the hi-hat for some higher frequencies that are getting in the way.

Musically, I think there's a little bit too much space, maybe adding some chords?

Quality beat!

I was prepared to cringe because of what i usually hear, but I had a very pleasant surprise! The percussion was absolutely on point and the groove was solid! If anything, the equalizing was a bit on the high end but other than that, GREAT job!

O-Prime125 responds:

Thanks check the full version out on youtube, much better :)

Love those opening chords!

Your first chords came in and my mind was like....YES! I just really would have liked some bass to accompany those chords. This song should be in the dubstep section, but your chords could have REALLY uses a bassline for some GREAT direction and flow. It sounds great, I just think you just need to connect your sections a little more!

Happy composing!

TheMerelyHuman (formerly known as Smurfbeatz)

Get out the snowballs!!!! :D

This has TALES OF SYMPHONIA written ALL OVER IT....so....you get like an auto-10, lol! Your ostinato in the strings was great and when your melody stopped, you varied the ostinato which was a great choice for me! WINTERYYY! Love it, lol!

Happy composing!

TheMerelyHuman (formerly known as Smurfbeatz)


I'm a key guy myself and for once I wasn't dissappointed with what I heard! Your vibe was heavy and never stopped and dragged because you kept the variety going. Your chorus's countermelodies drove me insaaaaaane (good insane). You definitely have shut me up about what I usually don't hear in NG pieces, direction!!!!!


Happy composing!

TheMerelyHuman (formerly known as Smurfbeatz)

Merry-----matrix music? o_O lol!

I don't know why your score was is so low. This is a FUNKY remix. I like it! Your percussion had variety and wasn't too predictable. Just add a few more synths, lower some of that access bass in your synths and you're good!

Happy composing!

TheMerelyHuman (formerly known as Smurfbeatz)

More direction!

I'm saying YES to your chord progression. Your percussion intro really compliments your chords and I LIKE! I would have liked to see it continue into a developed drop using all the ideas together instead of separating them so soon. But your synths are AWESOME! You just need to combine them and get some direction going!

Happy composing!

TheMerelyHuman (formerly known as Smurfbeatz)

I am a producer and a tough critic. Give me anything and I'll be brutally honest.

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